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The Inner circle, a class that is a year-round blueprint for success that will cover a host of topics specifically designed for your success in business, healing of the soul, and relationship with God and others.
  • Desire: The starting point of all Achievement
  • Faith: visualization of , and Belief in attainment of Desire
  • THE Medium for influencing the Subconscious Mind
  • Personal Experiences or Observations
  • Imagination :The workshop of the Mind
  • Organized planning :practical plan
  • Decision :The Mastery of procrastination
  • Persistence :the effort necessary to induce faith
  • Driving force
  • In order to implement these principles of success, you have to prepare your mind to receive a new philosophy of thinking.
  • The step to prime your ability to believe in God is to study
  • Understand the enemies to success: doubt and fear
  • The fear of criticism, the fear of illness, the fear of loss of love, the fear of old age. You will be able to overcome it, be a lion/lioness that God called you to be